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Bitumen price
Today Sep 6 2023 BITUMEN  DRUM BULK JUMBO BAG JEY EMBOSSED Price FOB value Bitumen price increase since 6th of September due to oil price and nearest to finish rainy season in India market.Most of the buyers were wait to buy the drum based on 360 has not chance even to buy 400USD today!If oil price increase […]
Bitumen performance grade PG70-16 PG70-10 PG64-16 PG64-22 and PG58-34
Description Performance Grade (PG) Bitumen Performance grade (PG) bitumen is graded based on its performance at different temperatures. Long Term Pavement Performance (LTPP) has provided a specific algorithm to calculate pavement temperature based on elevated air temperature. PG asphalt bider In the Superpave grading system, binders are classified based on their performance in extreme hot […]
Bitumen VG 30 and VG40 to India market for road construction
What is viscosity grade bitumen VG30 VG40? Bitumen VG30 grade refers to a type of asphalt that is commonly used in road construction and paving. VG stands for viscosity grade, which is a measure of the bitumen’s resistance to flow at a given temperature. Bitumen VG grades are typically categorized based on their viscosity at […]
Oxidized Bitumen
Bitumen 115/15 Our bitumen 115/15 is oxidized grade of bitumen with softening point between 110 to 120 centigrade and penetration between 10 to 20 0. millimeter.It is categorizing in oxidized bitumen also known as blown bitumen, is a type of bitumen that has been air-blown or chemically treated to make it more viscous and less […]
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