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Solvent base bitumen mc30 mc70 rc70
General description of cutback asphalt MC 30 Cutback bitumen MC30 is dissolved of bitumen in solvents of kerosene. In many countries kerosene and other volatile petroleum derived products are added as a cutter or cutback agent to bitumen to reduce (or cutback) the viscosity of the bitumen. The mixture obtained may be called cutback bitumen. […]
Flash point of bitumen
Understanding Flash Point The flash point of a substance is the lowest temperature at which it can release vapors that can ignite when exposed to an open flame or spark. In the context of bitumen, the flash point indicates the temperature at which it can produce enough flammable vapors to ignite under specific test conditions. […]
Bitumen price
Today Sep 6 2023 BITUMEN  DRUM BULK JUMBO BAG JEY EMBOSSED Price FOB value Bitumen price increase since 6th of September due to oil price and nearest to finish rainy season in India market.Most of the buyers were wait to buy the drum based on 360 has not chance even to buy 400USD today!If oil price increase […]
Bitumen VG 30 and VG40 to India market for road construction
What is viscosity grade bitumen VG30 VG40? Bitumen VG30 grade refers to a type of asphalt that is commonly used in road construction and paving. VG stands for viscosity grade, which is a measure of the bitumen’s resistance to flow at a given temperature. Bitumen VG grades are typically categorized based on their viscosity at […]
BASEKIM PETROLEUM AND PETROCHEMICAL SERVICES BASEKIM Chemical Production is producer and exporter of high quality and competitive price with various types and grades including bituminous production grade bitumen 60/70 and 80/100 bitumen 115/15 MC for road construction, paving and isolation, insulation well drilling mud chemical including Gilsonite natural asphalt powder 200 mesh for fluid loss control and […]