Bitumen Protection Board

Description of bitumen Fibre impregnated asphaltic protection board

Protection board

Bitumen protection board is rectangular sheet called bituboard or bitumen board made from Polymer modified bitumen compound sandwiched between thermo fusible polyethylene films and having center core of fiber glass mat as reinforcement. Fibre impregnated asphaltic protection board has very good waterproofing qualities combined with dimensional stability, high puncture resistance and toughness to withstand site abuse. They have good UV resistance and durability.

Uses of bitumen protection board

It is generally used as a permanent protection to the single or multi-layer water proofing membrane systems. The protection board will protect the membrane from any damage by absorbing the impact of smaller aggregate shock during the backfill and also any damage from foot traffic, sharp edges of reinforcement steel rods. The board with smooth thermo fusible polyethylene surface is used for covered applications only.

Application of bituboard

The surface to be protected should be clean, dry, firm, even and free of any surface imperfection. It can be fixed over the waterproofing membrane by using the bituminous rubber modified adhesives or adhesive tapes or by torching with propane/butane gas (over the torch-on membrane protection only). Boards are placed closely as butt joint and not overlapped, the butt joint to be protected with approx.50mm width HDPE sandwiched one side self-adhesive tape for avoiding any backfill material entering and thus leading to damage of the waterproofing membrane.

Price of bitumen protection board.

Price of protecting board depend on thickness and starting from 1 to 5USD/M2.

How coverage the surface?

It is Flat Areas: 1.01m²/m² ( Approx.) per layer with butt joint and without Overlaps. Average wastages: 0.5%.

Standard of protection board for waterproofing

Bitumen board comply with the performance requirements and tolerance level of UEAtc (European Union Technical Agreement) and ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and Turkey institute of Standard (TSE)

MSDS and safety of Impregnated Asphaltic protection board

The membranes when torched to melt form a sticky compound and can stick with human skin. The same shall be cooled with plenty of water if it is in hot condition and later can be removed by using soft cloth dipped in a suitable cleaner. If the burn is deep, take medical help immediately.

Storage of bitumen board

The sheets must be stored horizontally in a covered flat area, away from direct sunlight, UV and other sources of heat. Do not stack one pallet over another pallet. For best performance use the product within 12 months from the date of production. Excessive exposure to sunlight and will result in the deterioration of the product quality.

Specification of bitumen board

Nominal width & length: 2m x 1m; Nominal thickness: 3mm, 3.2mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 6mm

Coating asphaltAPP polymer modified asphalt
Softening point  °C>125ASTM D-36
Penetration, @25°C ( dmm)20±5ASTM D-5
Heat resistance @ 90°CNo flowASTM D-5147
Tensile strength ( L/T)  ( N/5cm)300/200ASTM D-5147
Tear resistance ( L/T) (N)50/60ASTM D-5147 /D4073
Lap Joint strength (N/5cm)Same as membrane sheetEN 12317
Water absorption %wt. @ 23°C 24hrs< 1ASTM D-5147
Resistance to StaticStatic- L₄UEAtc 5.1.9
Dimensional stability   ( % )< 1ASTM D6222


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