Cable jelly

cable jelly

General description of cable jelly

cable jelly could be a with chemicals stable mixture of solid, semi-solid and liquid hydrocarbons is free from impurities, have a neutral smell and contain no wet.

Plastic cable

In the course of plastic cables, folks return to comprehend that because of plastic features , leading to the cable square measure issues in water terms.

Usually ensuing cable core is water intrusion, the impact of communication, inconvenience of production and life.

Additionally, pinholes and native harm plastic sheath could end in wet from getting into the cable core, the cable electrical characteristics deteriorate.

Cable jacket

It is more found that the cable jacket harm isn’t essentially the place wherever the transmission characteristics deteriorate, which supplies the cable maintenance a great deal of trouble.

Therefore within the producing method of the cable, sometimes 3 ways to confirm moisture-proof and waterproof cable that’s inflated or crammed with mixture exploitation super-absorbent material, that with mixture reception with a bit bit additional common.

Fiber optic cable

Mixture stuffed cables, fiber optic cable all the gap, among waterproof seal plays the role of the fibre from the external setting, extending its life, and no maintenance, will maintain semipermanent stability and dependableness of fiber optic transmission .

What is the most usage of cable jelly

cable jelly is employed primarily for the assembly of phone cables with copper wiring, It is additionally classified as jelly filling compounds.


cable jelly ought to be packed in steel drums or flexi tank to avoid any outflow during transportation, packing should be quite clean and purified to avoid any affect on the material specificatio


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