Fully refined paraffin wax

fully refined paraffin wax

What is fully refined paraffin wax

Fully refined paraffin wax is a type of wax that has undergone a thorough refining process to remove impurities and achieve a high level of purity. Paraffin wax is derived from petroleum and consists primarily of saturated hydrocarbons.

Usage of fully refined paraffin wax

Fully refine paraffin wax has a wide range of applications across various industries. Here are some common uses of fully refine paraffin wax:

Paraffin wax for candle making

Paraffin wax is commonly use in the production of candles. It is an ideal material for making mold candles, container candles, and taper candles due to its low melting point and ability to hold fragrance and color additives.

Fully refined for food industry

Paraffin wax is use in food processing and packaging. It can applly as a coating on fruits and vegetables to enhance their appearance, improve shelf life, and provide a protective barrier against moisture loss.

Cosmetics and Personal Care

Paraffin wax is utilize in various cosmetic and personal care products. It is often found in skin creams, lotions, lip balms, and hair care products to provide emollient properties, improve texture, and increase moisture retention.


Paraffin wax is use in pharmaceuticals for various purposes. It is using as a base material for ointments, creams, and balms due to its ability to form a protective barrier on the skin and provide a smooth texture.

Rubber and Plastics Industry

Paraffin wax is employ as a lubricant and processing aid in the rubber and plastics industry. It helps to improve the flow properties of molten materials during processing and acts as a release agent for molds and extrusion processes.


Fully refined paraffin wax is using for coating paper and cardboard to provide moisture resistance and enhance the surface smoothness of packaging materials. It is also applicable in the production of wax paper, which is commonly use for food packaging and wrapping.

Textile Industry

Paraffin wax finds applications in the textile industry for various purposes. It is working as a lubricant during yarn production and weaving processes, as well as a sizing agent to improve the stiffness and durability of fabrics.

Electrical Industry

Paraffin wax is utilize in the electrical industry for insulation purposes. It is commonly work to coat electrical wires and cables to provide protection against moisture and improve electrical insulation properties.

Refining process

The refining process for paraffin wax typically involves several steps. It begins with the extraction of crude oil, which is then further process to separate the various fractions, including the wax fraction. The wax fraction is then subject to solvent refining, where solvents are use to remove any residual oil and other impurities.

Bleaching process

After the initial refining, the wax is often bleached to improve its color and appearance. This process involves treating the wax with chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide or active charcoal to remove any remaining colorants and impurities.

Once the wax has been bleached, it may undergo additional filtration and purification steps to remove any residual solids or contaminants. This ensures that the wax is as pure as possible.

High melting point paraffin wax

Fully refined paraffin wax is typically characterize by its high melting point, low oil content, and excellent stability. It is commonly use in a wide range of applications, including candle making, food packaging, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and industrial uses such as lubricants and coatings.

It’s worth noting that while fully refine paraffin wax is consider safe for its intend uses, precautions should be taken when handling and using it, as it is a flammable material. Proper ventilation and adherence to safety guidelines are important when working with any wax product.

Low oil content 

Fully refine paraffin wax typically has an oil content of less than 0.5%. The refining process removes impurities, including oil, from the crude paraffin wax, resulting in a highly purity wax product. The low oil content ensures that the wax has a high melting point and a clean, white appearance.

High congealing point

The main factor affecting the melting point of paraffin is the light weight of the select raw material fraction, and the melting point of the paraffin wax which is remove from the heavier fraction is higher. In addition, the oil content also has a great influence on the melting point of the paraffin wax.

Low penetration

Low penetration values indicate a hard wax; higher penetration values indicate softer waxes. This test determines the penetration value of waxes.

Different applications of fully refined paraffin wax

Major industries that use Fully Refined Paraffin Wax are the Cosmetics, Medical, and Food Industries. Rarely Candle Making Industry also uses Fully Refine Paraffin Wax. Common items are Lipsticks, Cream, Oily Papers, and Chocolate. Candles made using Fully Refine Paraffin Wax are of the best grade and are the most expensive.

It is also using for Lubrication applications and for Electrical Insulation. Plastic Bottle Cap Liners are made using Paraffin Wax. These liners form watertight seals to prevent water from leaking out when the bottle is overturned. Chewing Gum bases contain Paraffin Wax because it helps to bind the ingredients in chewing gum. Paraffin Wax use in pigment binders for manufacture of Crayons by serving as a medium to transfer the pigment in crayon to the desire substrate.

Normal packing for fully refined paraffin wax

Fully refined paraffin wax is produce in 5 kg slabs which can be packed in carton or gunny.

Sometimes all 5 slabs can be in one 25 kg block according to customer s request .

Inside of carton or gunny there should be thick plastic to avoid any dirt coming inside of the paraffin wax.

Analysis of basekim paraffin wax

Product name

Oil content

Melting  Point

Congealing  Point



Penetration @ 100 ˚C

Viscosity @ 100 ˚C

fully refined


56-61  ˚C

55-60  ˚C

Crystal snow White



4 – 7 cst


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