Bitumen 60/70 80/100 exporter for road construction

bitumen 60-70

Bitumen 60/70 premium grade and first quality

Bitumen 60/70 is made from Vacuum bottom after heating and compressing hot air by continuous closed system.
This production has less lost and highest quality of material and if customer ask TFOT test only this continues test able to pass the standard. Bitumen 60/70 80% using in road construction and 20% other propose line waterproofing and construction.

Bitumen 60/70 second grade

The second quality of bitumen 60/70 is coming from vacuum bottom but the process is not continues. This quality is made batch production and each time shall produce specific weight and after production discharge and again next batch. It is not passing TFOT which is very important in asphalt aging.

Bitumen 60/70 third grade

This grade of material is made by blend of two or three different of soft, medium or hard grade of bitumen. This final bitumen 60/70 has high wax content and there is high viscosity as well compare the first two grades.

Packing of bitumen 60/70 in drum , jumbo bag and 300kg polycube

Packing of all three grades could be same in drum: per 20ft container we are loading 110 drums. Each drum is 185 kg Net and 195 Kg gross weight. In case of ordering other drum sizes line 120, 145 or 150 also able to deliver.Another option for packing of bitumen 60/70 is jumbo bag which is 800 kg to 1200kg and able to load in 40ft and 20ft containers.The best packing right now is Polycube which is 300kg bags and 80 pcs able to stuff in 20ft container. It is economic packing and cut the transport cost and compete with other packing now. 24 tons per container and no waist of bitumen during melting is the benefit.

Bulk packing of bitumen 60/70 is two way, we transit by truck tanker which is dual layer and can remain liquid during the transit up to seven days then at destination it will discharge easily and without heating. In case bitumen get cold buyer can heat up via special channel in backside of tanker and inject the fire in the pipeline between the tank to heat the bitumen and there is exhaust on the front of tanker and the fire passing whole of tank. This way of delivery is good for neighbor customers. For far destination is not economy.

We are able to deliver the bitumen 60/70 in bulk vessel via our vessel or if customer bring the vessel we can fill up for them. The minimum order quantity is 1000 tons and maximum 36000 tons. It is cheap for the buyer who has or can arrange storage tank at destination. Some of destination doesn’t have storage tank equal to to vessel and they arrange hundreds of truck tanker instead.

How to order bitumen 60/70

If you need to make asphalt only 7 percent of your total weight is bitumen and the rest is aggregate. Normally in asphalt mixing plant using bitumen 60/70 with some additives and then deliver for paving. To order us we need to know:

Order quantity.

Grade of bitumen.

Packing of bitumen.


Desire payment term: we can accept LC and TT also CAD

Delivery time of bitumen 60/70

Normally we exporting 1000 tons of bitumen daily. This capacity could be increased in high season of construction in other countries specially China and India. This capacity is by container and in the same day we are able supply another 1000 tons tanker and 3000 tons daily pumping to bitumen vessel.

We are exporting approx 500000 tons of Bituminous products annually.

Our minimum order quantity is one container. It is 20 tons up to any quantity that in one month we can ship it out.

Sample of bitumen 60/70

Sample of bitumen 60/70 is freely for all customer anytime. It is in 1 kg Tin package and they can pick it us anytime. The courier cost is on customer account and after they place order we will refund the courier cost.

Price of bitumen 60/70

Price of bitumen 60/70 has relation with fuel oil. Normally it is 2/3 of fuel oil minus some profit that will consider for the factories. The cheapest price of bitumen is belong to Iran since they are competing with other neighbor countries like Iraq and Bahrain which they are also producer but the capacity is much much less. The most expensive also belong to shell and normally they have contract with governmental companies. They have own vessel and deliver to anywhere from their own storages.

Saudi Arabia KSA has bitumen and before was one of main supplier but due domestic demand unable to export.

We are selling Turkey and Turkmanistan bitumen also Malaysia, Singapore,Thailand ,Greece,Italy,Egypt,UAE, Korea,Oman,Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan to worldwide market.

Most of our shipment sailing from Jebel Ali in Dubai.

Depend on origin of goods there would be fluctuation on price so only for 2 days price has validity and after that customer should recheck the price.

Why you buy bitumen 60/70 from US?

We have 15 years experience on export of bitumen in various packing to more than 110 countries. We have banking facility and credit line with reference of business in everywhere and continues and constant quality supply is our target.

A part from competitive price, service is important that with experienced sales team handling order from anywhere with different payment term and multimodal logistics. We have our own office in Turkey-Ankara, China-Beijing and Hong Kong , UAE-Dubai, Canada-Montreal,Philipine-Manila and Malaysia-KL.

In case you are in or near of the countries you can visit us and with pleasure we are support and give you technical and consultant service. Buying of bitumen 60/70 is not like other product and buying anything black doesn’t mean it is bitumen. So buy with referenced and referred companies. We are member of Argus asphalt and active in bitumen export syndicate and active in oil shows in the Middle East.

Specification of bitumen 60/70.

Premium quality

Bitumen 60/70


Test method

Specific gravity @ 25/25 cg1.01/1.06D-70
Penetration @ 25 c70/60D-5
Softening point c48/52D-36
Ductility @25 c100 minD-113
Loss on heating(wt) %0.2 MaxD-6
Drop in penetration after heating %20 MaxD-6 D-5
Flash point c250 minD-92
Solubility is CS2(wt) %99.5 MaxD-4
Spot testnegativeA.A.S.H.O.T102

Second quality

Bitumen 60/70


Test method

Specific gravity @ 25/25 cg1.01/1.06D-70
Penetration @ 25 c70/60D-5
Softening point c48/52D-36
Ductility @25 c90-95minD-113
Loss on heating(wt) %0.2 MaxD-6
Drop in penetration after heating %20 MaxD-6 D-5
Flash point c250 minD-92
Solubility is CS2(wt) %95MaxD-4
Spot testnegativeA.A.S.H.O.T102

Third quality

Bitumen 60/70


Test method

Specific gravity @ 25/25 cg1.01/1.06D-70
Penetration @ 25 c70/60D-5
Softening point c48/52D-36
Ductility @25 c80minD-113
Loss on heating(wt) %0.2 MaxD-6
Drop in penetration after heating %20 MaxD-6 D-5
Flash point c250 minD-92
Solubility is CS2(wt) %90MaxD-4
Spot testposetiveA.A.S.H.O.T102

What is bitumen 80/100?

Bitumen 80/100 is a type of standard grade bitumen that is prepared during the process of oxidation of the vacuum floor of the bitumen feed which is prepared from the remains of the distillation tower in the vacuum oil refineries in the bitumen production unit, usually from this bitumen as pavement grade bitumen.

What does 80/100 mean in bitumen?

Bitumen 80/100, this type of bitumen produced , its degree of penetration , which is determined by testing the point of penetration and softening ,the range of the point of penetration is between 80/100. The reason for the importance of penetrating bitumen’s is due to their thermoplastic property, which makes the material soft at high temperatures and hard at lower temperatures. When determining performance parameters such as adhesion, rheology, durability, this relationship between temperature and viscosity is very effective, and it is important. Therefore, the state of bitumen depends on temperature, and in this case, the relationship between temperature and hardness of bitumen depends on the type of crude oil and its refining method.

Which test and standard are used for bitumen with penetrating grades?

Usually, bitumen with penetrating grade is manufacturing and product with these standards:

  • ASTM D 946
  • AASHTO M 20

The two principal tests used most frequently to characterize bitumen’s are penetration and softening point. These two tests are used to specify different grades of bitumen.

It should be noted that the amount of bitumen penetration or hardness is obtained by measuring the depth that a loaded standard needle penetrates vertically for 5 seconds in the bitumen sample kept at a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius  .suddenly it means that in the bitumen penetration test, when the needle sinks 8 to 10 mm in the bitumen, we find out that the penetration value is between 8 and 10 mm.

bitumen 80/100

Usage of bitumen 80/100

This grade of bitumen 80/100 is prepared and produce suitable for road construction and is used in the production of asphalt  pavements that have better properties. Bitumen grade 80/100 with a semi-hard penetration grade is suitable for paving in road construction and repair. This grade is mainly bitumen is used in the construction of warm asphalt on foundations and wearing periods. It should be noted that 80/100 bitumen is one of the most widely used bitumen grades and one of the most basic materials in other bitumen products.

Specification of bitumen with 80/100 penetration

Bitumen 80/100

Test method



Specific gravity @ 25 C




Penetration @ 25C




Softening point C




Ductility @25 C



100 Min

Loss on heating (Wt)%




Drop in penetration after heating %



26 Max

Flash point C



250 Min

Solubility is CS2 (Wt)%



99.5 Min

Spot test

A. A. S. H. O. T102



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MSDS of bitumen 60/70 80/100

MSDS of bitumen 60/70 80/100

bitumen 60/70 data sheet

bitumen 60/70 data sheet

bitumen 80/100 data sheet

bitumen 80/100 data sheet