gilsonite extraction

Exploring the Gilsonite Deposits

The first step in Gilsonite extraction is locating the deposits. These deposits are typically found in sedimentary rocks, often in association with oil shale or bituminous coal. The Kurdish people in Hakkari is owner for its abundant Gilsonite reserves.

Surface Mining

Surface mining is the primary method use to Gilsonite extraction. It involves the removal of overlying material and exposing the mineral-rich layers. Once the deposit is expose, specialize machinery is use to extract the Gilsonite ore.

Crushing and Grinding

After the ore is extract, it undergoes a series of processes to transform it into a usable form. The ore is crush and ground into fine particles, increasing its surface area for subsequent processing.


Flotation is a widely employ method for separating the Gilsonite from impurities. Through a series of chemical treatments, the mineral particles are selectively separate from unwanted substances, resulting in a concentrat Gilsonite product.

Drying and Purification

Once the Gilsonite concentrate is obtain, it undergoes drying to remove excess moisture. This step is crucial to ensure the product’s stability and longevity. Furthermore, purification processes may be employ to enhance the quality and remove any remaining impurities.

Final Processing

After the drying and purification stages, the Gilsonite is ready for further processing, depending on its intend applications. It can be ground to a specific particle size, modify, or blend with other materials to meet the desire specifications for various industries.