Iran bitumen manufacturers

Iran bitumen manufacturers and refineries producing highest qualities and quantities of bitumen  in the world and at present Iran is the first exporter of bitumen in the Middle East and the fourth largest exporter in the world.

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Top 10 Iran bitumen manufacturers



Jey oil

Pasargad oil company

Gold bitumen (petro gold persian gulf)



Tose Fanavari Avizheh Khavaremiane

Oxidized bitumen factory

Petro tala SEZ Bandar Abbas   

Why choose Iran bitumen refineries?

Quality Assurance: Iranian bitumen manufacturers adhere to stringent quality control measures, ensuring that customers receive superior products that meet international standards.

Competitive Pricing: Iran’s bitumen manufacturers offer competitive prices, making their products economically viable for various projects.

Global Presence: Many Iranian manufacturers have a strong global presence, enabling them to cater to the bitumen needs of clients worldwide.

Diverse Product Range: Iran’s bitumen manufacturers offer a diverse range of bitumen grades suitable for various applications, providing customers with ample choices.

Why Iran manufactures?

Iran’s bitumen manufacturers have proven their mettle in the global market, delivering high-quality and reliable products. Whether it’s for road construction, roofing, or other industrial applications, choosing bitumen from these reputable manufacturers ensures durability and performance.

With their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Iran bitumen manufacturers continue to play a crucial role in meeting the bitumen demands of a rapidly evolving world.