Synthetic Gilsonite offers a reliable and high-performing alternative to natural Gilsonite, with enhanced consistency and tailored properties for specific industrial needs. Its applications in asphalt, drilling, inks, paints, and sealants demonstrate its versatility and importance in modern manufacturing processes.

Synthetic Gilsonite is designed to have similar physical and chemical properties to its natural counterpart. Key properties include:

High Softening Point

Similar to natural Gilsonite, synthetic variants have a high softening point, making them suitable for high-temperature applications.

Excellent Binding and Adhesive Properties

Synthetic Gilsonite provides strong adhesion, making it valuable in products like paints, coatings, and adhesives.


Its ability to create a waterproof barrier is crucial in construction materials and sealants.


Being synthetic, it offers consistent quality and performance, reducing variability in industrial processes.

Applications of Synthetic Gilsonite

Synthetic Gilsonite is used across multiple industries, where its stable and reliable properties offer significant advantages: