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What is the Optimal Melting Temperature for Bitumen? The optimal melting temperature for bitumen varies depending on its intended application and grade. Generally, it ranges from 100°C to 200°C for road construction and roofing. Can Bitumen be Melting at Lower Temperatures for Specific Applications? Yes, for certain applications, such as crack sealing or surface dressing, […]

Pasragad bitumen POC(Pasargad oil company) Pasargad Bitumen brand is coming from  Pasargad oil company called POC as well and it is a reputable company that operates in the bitumen industry. They are known for producing and supplying high-quality bitumen products for various applications, including road construction, waterproofing, and roofing. list of bitumen grade that Pasargad […]

Important countries on bitumen business Bitumen is a crucial and widely used material in various countries, including Russia, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and Pakistan. Each of these countries has its unique bitumen production, consumption, and application characteristics. Bitumen in Russia Russia is one of the major players in the global bitumen market, producing significant quantities of both […]

Magazine regarding bitumen business talk about bitumen 60/70 and 80/100 also VG and PG grade Magazine Download bitumen magazine

Bulk Bitumen vessel The size of a bulk bitumen vessel can vary depending on the specific requirements and capacity of the shipment. These vessels are design to transport bitumen 60/70 in large quantities efficiently and safely. Generally, bulk bitumen vessels can range in size from small barges or tankers to larger vessels like oil tankers or […]

Shell Bitumen company Shell bitumen” refers to bitumen products produced and marketed by the Shell company, which is a global energy and petrochemical company Shell Bitumen is the world’s largest international marketer of Bitumen, serving customers across 60 markets. Over the last one hundred years we’ve developed technical capabilities and a robust, integrated supply chain […]

Iran is supplier of bitumen to global market Iran Bitumen suppliers and manufacturers refineries producing highest qualities and quantities of bitumen to export.Iran has established itself as a dominant player in the global bitumen market, holding a significant market share and catering to the diverse needs of customers worldwide. This part provides an analysis of […]

UAE (United Arab Emirates) bitumen 60/70  The UAE is a major player in the oil and petroleum industry. Bitumen is one of the byproducts of crude oil refining, and the UAE is likely involved in producing and exporting bitumen, including the 60/70 grade. ADNIOC BITUMEN ADNOC Bitumen is a product of the Abu Dhabi National […]