PAC LV properties

PAC LV, which stands for Polyanionic Cellulose Low Viscosity, is a versatile additive widely used in various industries, including drilling fluids, pharmaceuticals, and food processing. With its unique properties, PAC LV offers several benefits in different applications. Let’s explore the key properties and advantages of PAC LV.

Water Solubility

One of the prominent properties of PAC LV is its excellent water solubility. When mixed with water or water-based solutions, PAC LV readily dissolves, forming a clear and homogeneous fluid. This property ensures easy and efficient incorporation of PAC LV into various formulations, allowing for uniform distribution and consistent performance.

Rheology Control

PAC LV exhibits remarkable rheological properties, making it an effective additive for viscosity control. It provides thickening and suspension capabilities, allowing for the desired flow characteristics in different systems. PAC LV helps adjust the viscosity of fluids, providing stability and optimal performance during processes such as drilling, pharmaceutical formulations, and food manufacturing.

Shear-Thinning Behavior

Shear-thinning behavior is another valuable property of PAC LV. It means that the viscosity of the fluid decreases when subjected to shear stress, such as agitation or pumping, and recovers its original viscosity when the stress is removed. This property allows for easier handling, pumping, and circulation of fluids, facilitating smooth processes and efficient operations.

Thermal Stability

PAC LV demonstrates excellent thermal stability, maintaining its performance across a wide range of temperatures. It remains effective even under high-temperature conditions, making it suitable for applications in various industries where elevated temperatures are encountered. The thermal stability of PAC LV ensures consistent viscosity control and performance in demanding environments.

pH Stability

PAC LV exhibits good stability over a broad pH range. It can maintain its functionality and rheological properties under acidic, neutral, and alkaline conditions. This property allows for versatile application across different industries and formulations where pH variations may occur.


PAC LV is compatible with a wide range of other additives and ingredients commonly used in various formulations. It can be easily combined with other polymers, thickeners, surfactants, and chemicals, without significant compatibility issues. This compatibility facilitates formulation flexibility and enhances the overall performance of the end product.