Percentage of bitumen in asphalt

The percentage of bitumen in an asphalt mixture typically ranges from 5% to 10%. This proportion can vary depending on the specific requirements of the project, as the bitumen content directly affects the asphalt’s performance characteristics, such as resistance to deformation and its ability to withstand different weather conditions³. For instance, highway pavements may require a higher bitumen content to endure heavy traffic loads, while residential streets might use a lower percentage⁴. In some mix designs, the optimal bitumen content has been established at around 6.05% for virgin bitumen⁵.

It’s important to note that these percentages are part of a carefully calculated mix design, which takes into account factors like the aggregate surface area and desired properties of the finished product. If you’re working on a specific project and need to determine the exact bitumen percentage, it would be best to refer to the mix design specifications or consult with a materials engineer.